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So, things are generally going well right now, no?

When we last spoke, right before the Yankees series, things were looking up as well. Then a couple of unspeakable seventh innings occured and things looked meh once again. However, over the last ten games, the Tigers are 6-4 and are currently sitting in first place at 17-13.  For twenty-six innings against the Indians, the Tigers allowed only ONE solitary run to score. And only three altogether after Fernando’s rough ninth inning.  Also, Friday night, this happened:

Curtis Makes Me Need To Change My Pants - Chuck Crow/AP

Curtis Makes Me Need To Change My Pants - Chuck Crow/AP



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The Good News:
Dreamboat Rick Porcello generally looked pretty good in his major league debut. 5 plus innings. 9 hits. 4 earned runs. 4 strikeouts. Not overwhelming numbers to be sure, but the kid looked really good for four innings. He’s got a future in this town, I tells ya.

The Son of Grander continued his solid start with another homer in a 2/5 performance.

Adam Everett got his first hit – and for extra bases at that!

The Bad News:
Blue Jays Rookie Dreamboat Ricky Romero looked even better. 6 innings. 7 hits. 2 earned runs. 5 strikeouts. If this were the old AL East, I’d say we’d have a burgeoning rivalry here.

Aaron Freaking Hill went yard again.

The Blue Jays supposedly worsening offense (looking at you, Iracane) looked good once again vs. Tigers pitching. But we’ve got a lot to look forward to with the home opener: (more…)

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Zach Miner – The Anti-Tire Fire


Miguel Cabrera: (more…)

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