Tonight, in Lakeland, one of our favorite baseball players ever (non-Tilde’d edition) took another shot at redeeming his career.

Take a Ride on the D-Train!

Take a Ride on the D-Train!

This was Dontrelle’s line: Continue Reading »


Doin’ a little West Coast swing…

Sorry to disappear on you for a few days, but real life has been kinda busy. Anyway, while I was out, the Tigers up and decided to take 2 out of 3 in Seattle to improve to 7-5 and remain in a tie for first place in the AL Central. Dreamboat Rick got his very first win and a shaving cream pie to the face, Verlander looked awesome for 6/7ths of his appearance, and E-Jax (Made in Germany, So You Know He’s Good) was dominant yet again. Folks, the pitching staff is starting to look like it might just be alright. In fact, when you look at the next three matchups against the Los Angeles California Angels of Anaheim Stadium DisneyWorld Land of the Lost -San Luis Obispo, you have to like the odds. Continue Reading »

facility_battingcageUnlike Allen Q. “Chuckles” Iverson, Magglio Ordoñez is above such mortal feats of redundancy. But he humors the populous by partaking in it anyway. Jason Beck, the prophet to His Tildeness, is there with a stylus of pure ivory. (And a skosh of ink.)

“It’s very interesting, from an untrained eye, to look at him and go, ‘That’s the worst BP I’ve ever seen in my life,’ ‘” Brandon Inge said.


“But I’m telling you, it’s very calculated. He just gets his bat down on a plane, keeps his hands through, and he hits foul balls over there.”

If Tilde wants to hit foul balls, he will. If Tilde wants to strike out, to make fans feel bad about not paying convenience fees for their tickets, he will. Continue Reading »

I was at Nationals Park for Opening Day with a couple of fellow Tigers fans on Monday and we spent a good portion of the first three innings paying attention to the Tigers/White Sox box score rather than the ballgame in front of us. It didn’t help that it was the Nationals playing before our eyes, I suppose. (Poor Nats – we know 0-7 all too well) I will never understand the stranglehold that Ozzie Guillen’s crew seems to have over our boys. Every single one of them turn into All-Stars when they play the Tigers. Zach Miner, as is he is wont to do, pitched a million times worse at home than he did on the road. But, hey! At least the boys are still .500! And we all know that .500 will be good enough to hang around in the Central for a very long time this season. (ASSUME this is true at least)

So, today, there I was at my desk all ready for Dreamboat Rick Porcello to guide me through my afternoon. And then came the rain. It was raining here in DC all day too. I curse the rain for taking away the Dreamboats certain no-hitter this afternoon. I curse the rain for taking away the 4-5 day the Big Tilde had in store – including his first homer of the season! Big things were afoot at the Copa K today, friends. Alas, they must await til Wendesday afternoon. The Little Cat will bring joy back to a muddy Tigerville and the D will return to first place. AND NEVER LET IT GO.

Your Tilde Watch 2009 as of Tuesday, April 13th:

.276/.276/.417 0 HR 3 RBI.

It’s a slow start, but you know what’s coming….

They, um, took it away. Resume life as normal.

First Place!

Unless, of course, they beat the Tigers in subsequent baseball games. Continue Reading »

The Good News:
Dreamboat Rick Porcello generally looked pretty good in his major league debut. 5 plus innings. 9 hits. 4 earned runs. 4 strikeouts. Not overwhelming numbers to be sure, but the kid looked really good for four innings. He’s got a future in this town, I tells ya.

The Son of Grander continued his solid start with another homer in a 2/5 performance.

Adam Everett got his first hit – and for extra bases at that!

The Bad News:
Blue Jays Rookie Dreamboat Ricky Romero looked even better. 6 innings. 7 hits. 2 earned runs. 5 strikeouts. If this were the old AL East, I’d say we’d have a burgeoning rivalry here.

Aaron Freaking Hill went yard again.

The Blue Jays supposedly worsening offense (looking at you, Iracane) looked good once again vs. Tigers pitching. But we’ve got a lot to look forward to with the home opener: Continue Reading »