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Because He would have intervened.

(via FSD, messenger of broken dreams)


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Now that we are a week away from Opening Night and real, live, counts-in-the-standards baseball, it’s time to take a quick look at how our heroes have been looking this spring. Granted, spring is a fickle beast and exhibition games aren’t the best judge of things but it’s been a pretty slow start for one guy in particular… (more…)

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After a week and a half of not shaving, I felt like it was time. But before I began, like Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind, I saw a pattern of a certain Tigers closer within the thick, full, thickfullness of the beard, and attempted to carve the beauty right then and there:

What have we learned?

1. Making these mustaches is harder than it looks.
2. There’s this nagging part of me that wants to keep it.

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