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The Añgels?

Oh, hi there. Didn’t see you come in. Were you actually sitting in our beanbag chair this entire time? Sleeping with your eyes open? That’s quite impressive.

Well, not much is going on, just felt it was necessary to tell you that John Morosi is on the goddamn task of making sense out of a good potential trade with the L’Anaheim Angelos for an every day shortstop, catcher, and relief pitcher. But Morosi made a mistake in saying they would perhaps trade His Tildeness. He meant to say Nate Robertson and Gary Sheffield. These mistakes happen, and it’s out of our forgiving nature that we let such glaring errors slide.

So that’s about it. We’ll be back if we have anything else to say. You want a Perrier or video poker game or .. no? You’re good? Okay then.


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