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We are getting mighty close to the very first Detroit Pants Party. In less than two weeks, we’ll all be roaming the SRO and shouting various invictives to the members of the Minnesota Twins. Also, our namesake, The Big Tilde, will still be out of commission for the Pants Party, but we won’t let it ruin our good time. Suss has promised* to have the TJE Mustache in full effect and I’ll offer up whatever bizarre facial hair Nate Robertson is sporting that day*. So, let’s review the particulars of the day, shall we?

PANTS PARTY! Join Deadspin commenters, TB~ readers, and our assorted miscreant friends.

Comerica Park, Standing Room Only section

Saturday, July 12th. It’s a 3:45pm game on Fox. Lots of time for our various shenanigans after the game.

Anything Else We Should Know?
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or e-mail me at deadonblog at gmail dot com and let me know if we can expect you. A lot of the out-of-town crew is staying downtown at the Courtyard by Marriott so we got that going for us, too.

* offers may expire, have never existed, or not be honored at anytime


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State of the Tilde

“…the Tigers have a puncher’s chance of being back in this thing by the end of June. If they can pull of a 7-3 homestand and a pair of 4-2 trips after that, then they’ll have completed a 15-7 stretch and will be 39-42 heading into a stretch of 9 division games in July before the All-Star Break.”

So, it worked out a little bit better than that, no? An 8-2 homestand, 4-2 West Coast swing, and a 5-1 homestand later and our Tigers are above .500 for the first time all year. Standing tall at 41-40 at the halfway point of the season, the sins of May have all but been washed away. There’s been a glut of heroes from Marcus Thames’ amazing home run streak to the return of the Sheff. Eddie Bonine throwing a couple of nice performances and Justin Verlander returning to something resembling his old form. Old friends Joel Zumaya and Fernando Rodney came back and struggled at first, but seem to have settled back down. The Todd Jones Experience blew his first save and with it he almost blew the Tigers shot at returning to .500, only to have the Fat Man come through in the end. (more…)

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For The Big Tilde hath been DL’d.

We’ll discuss the joy of having finally reached .500 later. For now, we just wanna put on The Cure and be still for a bit…

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During the 5-5 rain delay, closère extraordinaire Todd “Frogger” Jones entertained the masses, as depicted by the AP’s Duane Burleson, with song and dance while donning artificial Tilde-xtension. This gave the real Tilde ample time to negotiate with the Gods to expedite the move of the clouds to Cleveland.

If, during the next rain delay, Tilde responds with a fake Jones-y mustache and a softshoe number, I think we can retire this weblog, for it can only go down from there.


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Awww, My Tiger, BInge is heading off to the DL today with that nasty oblique strain just refusing to get better.

Taking his place will be our 47th different Mud Hen of the year, catcher Dane Sardinha. Sardinha is hitting .206 and has committed FIVE errors thus far. I’m thinking Pudge is not going to be resting much anytime soon. (Ok, probably still tomorrow since it’s a day game following a night game…)

We won’t discuss what happened last night. We just hope the Little Cat has the cure.

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It’s an off-day tonight, which gives me ample time to bring up something odd from Saturday. After their win over the San Diego Bay Pod Rays, Fox Sports Net casually threw out a statistic that literally made my mind explode into lesser minds, each of which also exploded, and so on until I had a Mandelbrot set of exploding brains:

They said the Detroit Tigers’ record, with a lead going into the 9th inning, was … hold on, let me take a sip of this delicious beverage…


I did not believe this stat at all when I heard it, even though Fox Sports has never been wrong before. So I went to look it up. Damn sure enough, no losses with a lead after eight innings. Lots and lots of losses when it was tied, though!

That number, after Sunday’s win, is now 33-0. And after this post, it will be 33-1.

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Son of Grander = Awesome.  You may return to your business now.

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