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So, things are generally going well right now, no?

When we last spoke, right before the Yankees series, things were looking up as well. Then a couple of unspeakable seventh innings occured and things looked meh once again. However, over the last ten games, the Tigers are 6-4 and are currently sitting in first place at 17-13.  For twenty-six innings against the Indians, the Tigers allowed only ONE solitary run to score. And only three altogether after Fernando’s rough ninth inning.  Also, Friday night, this happened:

Curtis Makes Me Need To Change My Pants - Chuck Crow/AP

Curtis Makes Me Need To Change My Pants - Chuck Crow/AP


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Did you think it was possible that the Tigers could score five runs off of Roy Halladay and still manage to get their ass kicked? Of course you did! It helps when this guy is your starting pitcher:

Rogers Centre crowd watches Justin Verlander warm-up before the game

Rogers Centre crowd watches Justin Verlander warm-up before the game

The Big Tilde went 2/4 with a run scored, the Son of Grander went yard and so did Brandon Inge. The bats weren’t bad tonight at all considering they were facing one of the best starters in the league. Team Venezuela had a strong regular season debut in the middle of the lineup, and the Tiggers need that kind of production this year if they’re going to have a shot at winning the Central. Really, all that’s inexcusable is giving up 12 runs to the Blue Jays.

Edwin Jackson makes his regular season debut for the Tigers tomorrow. Here’s to a better result this time tomorrow.

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As a tribute to both The Big Tilde and our also beloved Son of Grander, The Big Tilde.com is heeding the challenge of #28. granderson20-20-20-20

TheBigTilde.com has pledged $.30 (in honor of The Big Tilde) to Curtis’ GrandKids Foundation for every run that Curtis Granderson scores during the 2009 season. Our money is heading towards supplies for Detroit area schools. I’m also going to chip in an additional $.30 for every run The Big Tilde himself scores.

Please, take the time to make a pledge of your own to the cause.

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Well, we’re just about three weeks from the season starting and we’ve seen the Tigers starting outfield play in Spring Training roughly two times. Stupid sexy World Baseball Classic. We’ve enjoyed watching Curtis not play much for Team USA (BOOOOO) and watching the entirity of the rest of the Tigers roster play for Friend of the Big Tilde Hugo Chavez’s Venezuelan national team. May both teams find elimination in the near future so that our beloved Tilde and Company can get back to helping Jim Leyland chain smoke. Over the past few weeks, we’ve gone over the relief pitching situation, the starting pitching, and the infield. Now, it’s time to get to Where the Tildes Roam – the Tigers’ outfield. (more…)

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Son of Grander = Awesome.  You may return to your business now.

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“Man, those boys can’t hit the broad side of a barn tonight. What on Earth is goin’ on out there? Grumble grumble kerfuffle fudge.”

Lloyd McClendon shrugged. “Dunno, Mr. Leyland, sir. I thought we fixed that in Yankee Stadium. We get to Minneapolis and all the life’s taken out of the offense. You don’t think our boys are allergic to all that plastic, do you?”

Mr. Leyland shook his head and popped another Nicotine gum into a nearly-full cheek. “Damned if I know.”

Son of Grander nearly skipped by both men on his way to the on-deck circle, stopping only long enough to say, “Thanks again, Mr. Leyland, sir!” and waving his bat at the manager.

“Wait, what? Wa… get back here, you consarnded lilly-livered liposuction… what do you mean by that?”

Son of Grander bounced back to Mr. Leyland. “Thanks for the bats, Mr. Leyland, sir! They were a lovely gift!”

“I… what?”


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So, uh, it’s been a busy few days in the world of The Big Tilde. As evidenced in the previous post, we finally cracked televised media with Fox Sports listing “The Big Tilde” as one of Magglio’s nicknames. We’re pretty happy about this development considering we are just three guys who randomly decided this should be his true nickname one evening at Comerica in the next to the last row of the joint. “The Big Tilde” has become common parlance on Deadspin, has been mentioned in the Lansing State Journal, and even MLB.com has gotten in on the act. Next up, we want to hear it come from the mouth of Morgan, Miller, Buck, or McCarver. It’s bound to happen. Actually, I’d like to hear Mario adopt it first. As for the games, our Tigers dropped 2 of 3 to the Angels. Monday was a day off, but we found our heroes in Yankee Stadium on Tuesday night… (more…)

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What a  game last night at Ford Field Comerica. Things were not looking too good early on, as The Gambler was getting hit early and often. The Rangers jumped out to an early 5-0 lead as we headed into the home half of the 2nd…and that’s when things got interesting. BInge knocked in a run, then Bizarro Ramon Santiago contiuned his hot streak with a 2 run hit, followed by another 2 run hit from Carlos Guillen. Then, in the 3rd, it started to get weird – Bizarro Jacque Jones hit a homer to give the Tigers a 6-5 lead, giving him the elusive 2-day Cycle. Well played Jacque. The Rangers tied it back in the fourth, the The Big TIlde knocked in a run to bring it to 7-6 Tigers and things were peaceful again until the sixth. You see, in the sixth inning, things escalated rather quickly…


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The Tigers are 0-3, Son of Grander and the Mig Tilde are hurt, and some guy named Clete Thomas is the leadoff hitter.

Did I miss anything? No? Carry on.

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“A real shame about Son of Grander breaking his finger like that. I know he won’t be gone long, but we’ll still miss his…”

“Wait, Son of Grander is hurt?”

“Yes, only this past eve, he…”

“His spot is open?”

“Well, for a few weeks, there will be a need for…”

“I’ll do it.”

“I… okay. What?”

“I’ll take his spot. I can handle anything. I’ll do it.”

“Have you ever tried before?”

“No, but it’s alright: we’re related. I can handle it.”

“You’re what?”

“Related. I’m related to Son of Grander. I’m Third Cousin of Grander.”

“You… you’re related to Son of Grander.”

“Yep. Third cousins. Family picnics were great. Lots of potato salad.”

“… by marriage?”

“Nope.  Regular related.  Third cousins.  Very cousiny.  To the third degree.”

“Uhm… okay. Get out there.

“Thanks! I won’t let you down! Bye, coach!”

“Huh. I would have never guessed. If you tilt your head a little, though…”

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