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How ya feeling about these guys right about now?

Pretty good, right? The Tigers just went 5-4 on a 9 game road trip and played well enough to win at least a couple more of them as well. Best of all, the Fightin’ Tildes are now in possession of a one game lead in the AL Central. Thats the AL Central – FIRST TO 85 WINS IT!

As for the Big Tilde himself, well he’s had some issues at the plate thus far. Not so much with the hitting overall, although the average has taken quite a tumble over the past few days, but for the absolute lack of pop the in bat of TBT. It took until game number 17 for his first extra base hit to occur. Now, we know his slugging percentage took a healthy drop last year, but that had to be expected coming off of his insane 2007 season. Thankfully, as an exclamation point on Saturday’s win, Maggs finally got past first base with the single swing of his bat. We’ve got the first one out of the way, so we’ve got about 35 doubles and 20 more homers that need to start happening know.

YOUR BIG TILDE STAT LINE 2009 – .257/.350/.300 with 7 RBI and a solitary HR.

YOUR BIG INGY STAT LINE 2009 – .323/.432/.694 with 17 RBI and 7 HR.

That last bit was posted just because its really unreal how good of a start BInge is off too.

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The Good News:
Dreamboat Rick Porcello generally looked pretty good in his major league debut. 5 plus innings. 9 hits. 4 earned runs. 4 strikeouts. Not overwhelming numbers to be sure, but the kid looked really good for four innings. He’s got a future in this town, I tells ya.

The Son of Grander continued his solid start with another homer in a 2/5 performance.

Adam Everett got his first hit – and for extra bases at that!

The Bad News:
Blue Jays Rookie Dreamboat Ricky Romero looked even better. 6 innings. 7 hits. 2 earned runs. 5 strikeouts. If this were the old AL East, I’d say we’d have a burgeoning rivalry here.

Aaron Freaking Hill went yard again.

The Blue Jays supposedly worsening offense (looking at you, Iracane) looked good once again vs. Tigers pitching. But we’ve got a lot to look forward to with the home opener: (more…)

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Zach Miner – The Anti-Tire Fire


Miguel Cabrera: (more…)

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It took all of two games for us to introduce you to a concept that we were hoping to avoid. The Brandon Lyon OverWhelming Ninth, henceforth to be known as B.L.O.W.N. – it looks like this:

B.L.O.W.N. caught in the wild

B.L.O.W.N. caught in the wild

Thankfully, BInge was there to rescue the Tigers in the top of the ninth against B.J. Ryan. (more…)

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Did you think it was possible that the Tigers could score five runs off of Roy Halladay and still manage to get their ass kicked? Of course you did! It helps when this guy is your starting pitcher:

Rogers Centre crowd watches Justin Verlander warm-up before the game

Rogers Centre crowd watches Justin Verlander warm-up before the game

The Big Tilde went 2/4 with a run scored, the Son of Grander went yard and so did Brandon Inge. The bats weren’t bad tonight at all considering they were facing one of the best starters in the league. Team Venezuela had a strong regular season debut in the middle of the lineup, and the Tiggers need that kind of production this year if they’re going to have a shot at winning the Central. Really, all that’s inexcusable is giving up 12 runs to the Blue Jays.

Edwin Jackson makes his regular season debut for the Tigers tomorrow. Here’s to a better result this time tomorrow.

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Well, we’re just about three weeks from the season starting and we’ve seen the Tigers starting outfield play in Spring Training roughly two times. Stupid sexy World Baseball Classic. We’ve enjoyed watching Curtis not play much for Team USA (BOOOOO) and watching the entirity of the rest of the Tigers roster play for Friend of the Big Tilde Hugo Chavez’s Venezuelan national team. May both teams find elimination in the near future so that our beloved Tilde and Company can get back to helping Jim Leyland chain smoke. Over the past few weeks, we’ve gone over the relief pitching situation, the starting pitching, and the infield. Now, it’s time to get to Where the Tildes Roam – the Tigers’ outfield. (more…)

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Earlier Tuesday night, Fernando Rodney was demoted from “closer” to “one of the closers.” The plan was to make Rodney, Joel Zumaya, and O’Doyle Kyle Farnsworth all closers. And a funny thing happened.

Farnsworth and Zumaya — the kids to help Walk Off Rodney — were the ones that blew saves. Rodney actually tossed three scoreless.

In a game where Bonk hit two home runs, the closers returned the favor by allowing the White Sox to have equal and/or greater value dinger force.

There once was a time when I liked baseball. I remember it like it was last Thursday. Which is funny, because it was actually last Wednesday. The game was simpler then. Detroit scores runs. Other team scores a few more runs. Then Detroit ultimately scores more runs, and the final score would be 32-31, with Todd Jones blowing 5 saves in the game, Miguel Cabrera going 9-for-21 with 3 home runs and 14 RBI, and Casey Fossum going a perfect 1/3 inning. (more…)

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I think Mr. Carb-rera might be heating up a bit. Two homers tonight makes for four in the past five games. Thames chipped in with another (and 3 RBI) and the Pudge went yard as well. The latter two dingers also spell good news for my fake baseball team as well. Huzzah! HOWEVEH, the Tigers went off in the first game against Seattle (with JV on the mound) only to forget how to score runs the next three nights. That can’t happen tomorrow with the very hittable Eddie Bonine on the mound. Nor can it happen against the Twins the rest of the week.

With today’s win, JV improves to 6-9 and has his ERA down to 4.24, just a half run higher than his career-to-date average. His WHIP is back to 1.30 as well. Paul Byrd takes the mound for the Indians tomorrow as the Tigs aim for a 2 game mini-sweep.

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Lose the first game, win the next two. This is getting to be a habit. With today’s 5-3 victory over the Padres, the Tigers have won their fourth series in a row and completed a 4-2 road trip. The Tigers are getting very good at fulfilling the prophecies of the The Big Tilde. Even better news? The Fightin’ Tildes have climbed back to within 3 games of .500 and have a chance to move to 5 games out of first depending on how tonight’s Cubs/White Sox game goes. 

The best news of all? The Big Tilde himself seems to be breaking out of his June slump. He was 2/3 with a pair of RBI on Saturday and went 2/5 with 3 RBI and a game breaking homer. Hopefully the bat will stay hot upon the Tilde’s return to the Copa on Tuesday. 3 against the Cardinals followed by 3 against the Rockies. We owe it to the Cubs to beat up the Cardinals after they won their series against the White Sox this weekend. A 5-1 homestand will put the Tigers at 41-40 at the half way point. Winning both series and going 4-2 puts our heros at 40-41. Either way, we have a chance to really get back into contention this week at home in the D.

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Marcus Thames Marcus Thames Marcus Thames. Marcus Thames? Marcus Thames, Marcus Thames (Marcus Thames) Marcus Thames.

(Translation: His last eight hits have been home runs, and that’s five straight games with at least one dinger. Mark J. Terrill, Associated Press, you feel me.)

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